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Always improve your writing

Congratulations, this is the beginning of your writing journey. My name is Alexander, I will do my best to guide you in your learning process, as a teacher and a friend.

What is Free Write Camp (FWC)?

A community where you learn to write, practice by helping nonprofits and become a paid writer.


  • Find your writing voice
  • Get your first job as a paid writer
  • Connect to professionals who write for a living and students wanting to improve their writing
  • Work together on writing challenges
  • Solve real (world) problems for real people through writing and raising awareness
  • Help nonprofits and bootstrapping startups through writing better stories
  • Build a diverse portfolio to showcase your various writing skills
  • Learn to learn to always improve your writing
  • Democratize writing so that everyone in the world has access to the best education and tools when it comes to writing. You are a writer and everyone else is. No more “elite writers”.

Who is FWC for?

  1. Book authors
  2. Online publishers like bloggers, marketers, and people writing within or for nonprofits
  3. University students in scientific fields who have a hard time explaining complex systems to a “5-year old”
  4. High-school students who feel their writing could be better
  5. People who apply for a job but want to stand out with their story

How I teach

My didactic approach is: I will show you many paths but I will highlight my preferred path that could work best for most people. It’s not about me being authoritative but you finding an easy path to writing.

Every learning path has modules (so-called „tents“, remember it's a camp you're in) that will teach you a specific aspect of the path. The learning goal and the tents are always stated in the beginning.

For example, the first learning path is „Get started with writing“ whereas two exemplary tents could be:

  1. Write with no topic in mind (free writing)
  2. Write with a topic in mind (and how to always find a topic)

Learning from real-world texts

Always enjoy writing,
– Alexander

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